Frédéric BREDEN - Chirurgien de la main et du membre supérieur

Titres et Formations

  • 2006 - Board certified Orthopaedic Surgery - University of Nancy
  • 2006 - Doctoral Thesis in Medicine - University of Nancy
  • 2006 - Resident Medicine - University of Nancy
  • 2005 - Masters Degree in Hand surgery - University of Nancy
  • 2004 - Masters degree in Microsurgery - University of Nancy
  • 2001 - Resident Medicine - University of Tours

Sociétés Savantes

  • French Society of Hand Surgery (GEM)
  • Microsurgical advancement group (GAM)
  • Regional Groupement for Prevention of Hand injuries (Réseau Main Rhônes-Alpes)

Travaux et publication

2010 Orthopaedic surgery in Cerebral Palsy. Lyon - L. ERHARD M. NINOU P. ROSTOUCHER K. ELKHOLTI V. LOCQUET F. BREDEN
2007 A new method of osteosynthesis for scaphoïd fracture Barbary S, Breden F, Capacenau M, Dautel G MD - IFSSH & IFSHT
1997 Surgical and microsurgical anatomy of peripheric nerves (G. HERZBERG- L. ERHARD) - Teaching Journal of SOFCOT
One Step Treatment of Grade II and IIIA Thumb Hypoplasia: A Combination of First Web Plasty, MP Joint Ligamentoplasty and OpponensplastyLevel 4 Evidence G. Dautel, F. Breden, S. Barbary - The Journal of Hand Surgery (Am), Volume 34, Issue 7, Pages 33-33