Quality initiative

Hands Are Us is a private health institution with the highest standards of care:

  • Health institution Certification
  • Nosocomial Infections Committee
  • Pain Management Committee


Engagement for certificationPrivate healthcare institutions are subject to quality and safety improvement initiatives, and are part of the French HAS certification (Haute Autorité de Santé). .

Private institutions working with Hands Are Us follow the HAS certification procedure. This is an external evaluation procedure according to criteria previously established by the Highest Health Authority (HAS)..

By continuously improving quality and security of healthcare services, patients are placed at the very heart of the healthcare system

La clinique du Tonkin (Villeurbanne) and Jean Mermoz Private Hospital (Lyon 8) were certified V2 (Version 2) in April 2010 and October 2011 respectively.These institutions have begun procedures for V3 certification V3 (Version 3).

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CLIN is a committee in charge of creating an action program, to prevent and reduce the frequency of nosocomial infections .

Nosocomial infections are hospital-acquired diseases. They are directly linked to care during hospitalisation, and have no direct relation to surgery. Private institutions created CLIN to prevent and follow up nosocomial infections. CLIN initiates prevention strategies and regular evaluation, in order to establish best-practice measures of infection control. This is done in accordance with French Law number 98-535, 1st of January 1998, on health security reinforcement. The creation of CLIN was a major step, as one of the actions and obligations of health institutions is to organize the prevention and combat of nosocomial infections, in accordance with The French Decree number 99-1034, 6th December 1999 and bulletin no. 645, 29th December 2000 , which specified the organisation of nosocomial infection prevention in health institutions.

Nosocomial infections

Basic hygiene rules apply to everyone. This is a basic quality healthcare rule and a crucial operational condition in our health institutions. Following standard hygiene procedures, such as hand washing, wearing uniforms, cleaning of hospital equipment is essential to control infections.

the choice of hospital equipment is also important. For example, brass door handles have been introduced at the Tonkin Clinic Hand Surgery Service, as they have a high bactericidal effect.

All Hospital staff must make an effort to reduce this risk by maintaining a high level of hygiene in healthcare, by improving their technique, by using single-use material and products and by carrying out controls and evaluations.

The CLIN coordinates and guarantees the following measures:

  • Prevention of infection by ensuring that health protocols are followed correctly.
  • Follow up of any infections, using regular surveys.
  • Elaboration and communication of Good Hygiene Practices.
  • Improvement of hospital hygiene training for health professionals
  • Establishing nosocomial infection surveillance initiatives
  • Reinforcement of measures against nosocomial infection
  • Initiative evaluation and feedback


Health institutions must provide pain management care for patients admitted, according to Articles L.710-3-1 and 710-3-2 of French Law, number 95-116, 4th February, 1995. Pain care measures must be defined by the hospital, according to Article L.714-11

Pain is an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience, and can lead to longer periods of hospitalization.

Health care staff must provide care and alleviation of your pain, and any other information necessary..

CLUD responsibilities :

  • To improve pain management care, by offering orientation towards the local services which can provide the best care, in accordance with Article L.710-3-1 of the French Public Health Code.
  • To provide better organization of pain management by coordinating initiatives at hospital level.

Hands Are Us uses all possible means to provide care and alleviate pain. Patient participation is very important.