Surgery takes place at :

 All the surgical team practice at the Clinique du Tonkin.

Only Doctors Michel NINOU, Pascal ROSTOUCHER, Vincent LOCQUET and Frédéric BREDEN practice at the Private Hospital Jean Mermoz

Only Doctors Kamil ELKHOLTI, Lionel ERHARD, Marc POZZETTO, Nicolas GIBERT et Jérôme VOGELS practice a the Polyclinique du Beaujolais.

Hospitalisation 2Hospitalisation

Rooms are assigned to our patients depending on availability, on the day of hospitalization. As the number of rooms is limited, we cannot guarantee that requests will be immediately met.



Surgeons and their assistants are available to provide all the necessary information about hospitalization, and to organize a preoperative appointment with the anaesthetist.
Consent forms are provided to ensure proper understanding of the benefits and risks of the operation.


This guide is only applicable for outpatient treatment at the Jean Mermoz private hospital.

Outpatient care is provided by La Générale de Santé through Jean Mermoz and Hands Are Us together with Europe Assistance.

This unique partnership aims to provide safe high quality outpatient care, even for those in hospital for a few hours.
The "Enjoying your hospitalisation" program is a result of this partnership and it allows patients treated by Hands Are Us to be followed up at the Private Hospital Jean Mermoz before and after their hospitalisation.


Helping Our Patients During Treatment

Even if outpatient treatment reduces risks linked to in-patient treatment (nosocomial infections, lack of orientation), it can still cause stress and anxiety. Patients can feel alone, in spite of the clear information given by surgeons.
The innovative 'Enjoying your Hospitalization' program will allow us to accompany the patient throughout treatment; the time spent in hospital will be easier and more pleasant.

3 telephone calls are made to listen,advise and guide our patients. Our team of surgeons has made a list of questions to better understand the patients' calls, and a procedure has been written to solve any problem encountered. For every call, the patient will be in contact with a health professional from Europe Assistance.

  • The first call takes place 4 days before the operation. During this call, we will make sure that an appointment with the anaesthetist has been made, and any additional test needed for hospitalization has been carried out.
  • On the day before the operation, the patient will be called a second time to confirm the time of arrival at HPJM and to make a reminder of the paperwork needed for the hospitalization.
  • On the day after the operation, a third call is made to check on the patient's condition and answer any questions.

This program has been in place since August 2011 at HPJM and many patients have expressed their satisfaction with it. The Hands Are Us team is proud to participate in a program which improves our patients' hospitalization.

See video of the protocol