Algodystrophy is a non-infrequent complication, affecting 5% of hand injury patients. It is frequent in certain pathologies, for example wrist fractures, affecting 20% of patients.

Algodystrophy is an inflammation caused by minimal trauma or surgery, including minor surgery.

It is currently impossible to predict which patients this complication will affect.



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Symptoms of Algodysrtophy

Symptoms of this condition are described as significant, and can include disproportionate painjoint stiffnessswelling of the hands and fingershot and / or cold sensationand a decrease in hand strength..

In some cases these symptoms are limited to one area in the hand, in others the shoulder can also be affected. Examinations are rarely required to confirm the diagnosis. In x-rays, decalcification of the bones in the hand can be observed.



Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment varies depending on the amount of the discomfort and pain. Symptoms are gradually reduced by treatment. However, improvement remains variable for several months, or even a year or two. Long-term after-effects can notalways be avoided, despite following the correct treatment. .

These after effects may consist of residual pain, some stiffness of the fingers and / or wrist, or even in the shoulder.


Causes of Algodystrophy

The causes of this condition are not well understood yet, and as such it is only possible to treat the symptoms of the condition, rather than the causes. .

The full cooperation of the patient during long-term treatment remains crucial.

Your surgeon is the best person to answer any questions you might have about this condition. Don´t hesitate to ask him/her